Researchers spend close to half of their time on administration rather than research. Some administrative burden is expected for good management and protections but duplication & complexity is on the rise in the administrative information being collected from researchers.

Whether it’s pre-award (applications, CVs) or post-award (compliance, reporting) at multiple funders and their own institution – researchers are plagued by overly complex web-forms into which they retype the same information over and over and over.

Our work is to actively foster networks of collaboration across the key & diverse stakeholders who collect information from researchers during the research life-cycle and to publish standard guidelines and recommendations that enable funders, vendors and research institutions to reduce undue burden.

Research Insights Dividend

Applying our simple approach to reducing administrative burden on researchers brings an added derived benefit to all stakeholders in the research life-cycle: improved consistency, utility & comparability of the diverse data needed for analytical insights and day-to-day research operations.